How to Achieve More Success and Happiness

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We spend most of our time pursuing happiness and success, and we often end up spending 5o percent of our years stressing and worrying about not finding them. From our careers to our health, our relationships and our goals, we cannot seem to overcome the stress associated with everyday concerns. We often spend time thinking about our negative emotions than our positive ones. Nonetheless, there is a roadmap to success. There is a highway to happiness, but it depends on you to make a choice to travel along those roads.

Stop reliving the past and focus more on the present

Nothing ruins the present more than when you are always worried about the future or being caught up in the past. Many of us find it difficult to be in the present. We are unable to focus on the present; we care more about what will happen tomorrow or what happened yesterday rather than focusing on the “here and now.”

We need to just breathe, relax and appreciate the beauty of all the things around us, the miracles that exist in every direction we look and the life we have. It helps us overcome the regrets of yesterday and the fears of tomorrow.

Set realistic goals

Take your time to reflect on the several resolutions you have set your mind to accomplish. How many of the New Year’s resolutions, have you ever accomplished? If you want to be more happy and satisfied, you need to set goals the right way, set goals that you can achieve and not some unrealistic goals that came on the spur of the moment. Set goals with timeframes, relevant, and goals you can evaluate at the end of the day. Achieving your goals can bring more fulfillments in life. If you want to learn more about achieving your goals, check out UPW London event!

Live a healthy lifestyle

For your happiness to be complete, you need to be healthy. Overeating, overdrinking of alcohol, taking recreational drugs, etc. do a lot of damage to our bodies and our minds. No matter the wealth you have accumulated if you are not healthy, you cannot be happy. Living a healthy lifestyle gives more room for success and happiness.

Time management

Managing your time, influence both your overall success in life and happiness. It gives you the ability to handle your obligations in life without fear or anxiety. Effective time managers focus on long-term goals and prioritize every activity that will help them move forward instead of leaving them behind.


When we pay too much attention to what we do not have, we live in a state of lack. We realize just how much we are missing out on, or how much we do not have the resources to do the things that we want. To live a more fruitful and happy life, we need to be grateful because we can truly be satisfied and happy when we are first grateful and not the other way round. When your happiness depends on your success, good things never come. Success becomes the result when we are happy doing something we love in life.